Our company began operating in the early 90’s. Our story begins from there, when a group of people believed that the field of pure iron deserves significant improvement since it is material that had been used by our ancestors and was proved to be unchangeable over time.
Starting from a small workshop of 100m², they had been working under difficult conditions to achieve their goal and prove that the iron is the most durable material over time. This goal seemed an impossible dream, yet it became a reality.
While earning the trust of their partners every day and more, the need for expansion has been growing and so they managed to create today’s proprietary factory and exhibition area of 1900m². Later on, introducing machines of the latest technology made the difference in the workspace again, giving the possibility to process raw material with excellent results.
Our long experience has taught us that, “the more you believe, the more you create and achieve your goals with perfection.”
In our job, primary goal is the satisfaction of our customers, combined with safety, functionality and design, since these are parts of the decoration of each area separately. Our works are works of art since we carry out any design the customer wants.


Our team consists of a group of people who love and believe in what they create every day. We advise and we guide our customers with confidence about what is to be installed in their place. We respect their opinions and we work on them. Each task is designed with its own data and we can see the result before we start to construct it. Once the design is complete, it is registered in the production schedule for processing. For us it doesn’t matter if one work is small or big, all of them have the same result. All the required procedures for the proper material processing are done for the future course of our constructions. In all these years of our journey, we have managed to disprove the myth that the iron wears out over the years.


Keeping the “good name” of our company.
Those who know us have a lot to say about us. This is the reward, the power, and also the thought for even more improvement of our work.
That is why we study modern methods of construction daily, which result in the creation of new structures representing the needs of people of today and tomorrow.

Resistance = Stability = Security

Necessary elements for people…


“We specialize in circular stairs and brag about the excellent results of quality work that we have achieved.”

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