Important construction elements


Huge importance is given to the market of Very Clean Material (1st Quality). It is the first important point to be observed before the manufacturing process of the railings. That is why our company pays enormous attention to material selection and invites you to check it on the spot in our factory at any time you wish.


The manufacturing process of all metal constructions (railings, stairs, gates etc.) is being done INSIDE the factory (cutting, installation, welding with specialized welding machines (MIG, TIG), grinding, priming in the paint oven. In this way, the pure iron is not exposed to weather conditions so there is no possibility to be damaged – oxidized before the completion of the whole process.


It is very important that the hollow iron (square tubes, pipes) is welded very well between them on all sides and not to leave in any case any crack so that the moisture and rainwater could penetrate – this is the point that is being given the utmost importance.


In the PAINT OVEN, which is located inside the inner space of the factory, the railings are painted with two coats of primer. The first coat of primer is allegro, which has the ability of becoming one with the iron. With this primer we exclude the possibility of peeling off over time. The second coat has the anti-corrosive features and it is being used so that we are sure that there is a thick primer put over the iron and as well to close all its pores and prevent the moisture and rain to penetrate, resulting the iron to rust. Also, the important advantage is that the priming of the iron is done at specific temperatures, which results in drying the primer properly and on time. Another very important advantage is that inside the PAINT OVEN there is no possibility of dust presence, which could stick to the iron (thus lowering the quality of the primer).


Placing the stairs/railings is being done by long-experienced staff. Our primary goals: firstly, their installation to be done in such a way so that construction is very stable and does not shake the railing in any case not even to the minimum, and secondly, so that there are no damages on the floor during the period of their application (fractures, abrasions, burns) these are the targets that the company achieves daily.


For the final painting (finish) of the railings we recommend high quality anti-corrosive paints, either which we can supply, or we can undertake their paintwork with the additional cost in the offer.


An important element for the proper maintenance of the railing is to completely avoid contact with the drilling water (when cleaning, rubbing, watering the lawn etc.) because it contains enough salt and boron that in combination with the sun become acid and destroy the material.

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